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Leju Aelos 1S Humanoid Robot, Coding, STEM

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  • Humanoid Robot, Dancing, Fast walking, Voice dialogue.
  • AELOS 1S APP for robot control: Action store, Game pad, DIY action.
  • Aelos.STEM App for coding, applications based on the Google block.
  • PC coding.
  • Entertainment and fun for whole family


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AELOS is an intelligent robot based on powerful servo drives, powerful processors and unique technology! This robot is perfect for playing and entertaining with your kids, learning the basics of robotics and programming.

The APP for phones and tablets on Android, iOS will allow you to develope the full potential of a futuristic robot!  It also enable you to use ready-made variants of combinations or record makes your robot more dynamic.

It can also be connected to a PC (on the Windows 8-10 OS) for more advanced control and programming, robot settings.

Quick Mode - The only robot on the market that travels fast within this price range (up to 3 minutes in a row). By activating the fast walk mode, AELOS will quickly move through the room and execute various commands.

The most powerful and reliable motor in the field uses its own patented technology - 13 kg / cm.

In AELOS robots, motion can be programmed by moving individual components by hand. The movement of the arm or leg of the robot is performed, recorded in the program, and can be reproduced or recorded sequentially as a movement. This greatly simplifies the process of creating new actions.


Model Aelos 1 
Humanoid robot with servo drives, programming. remote controller(optional),
CPU STM32-F103
Memory 1 GB
Battery 8.4 V, 2200 mAm
Bluetooth Yes
Compatibility Android, iOS, PC
Servo power:  13 kg / cm
Degrees of freedom:  sixteen
Material:  Aluminum, ABS plastic (body)
Gesture Recognition (Co-processor):  MPU6050
WiFi: Yes
LED:  Yes ( Head and Chest)
Weight  1.8 kg
Dimensions of the model 346 * 224 * 118 mm
For Player Universal (for girls and boys)


  • Programmable robot Leju Aelos 1
  • Adapter Charging Cable
  • Documentation
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