Mabot Starter Kit- Matbot A

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Mabot Starter–STEM Robotics Toys, 3 in 1 Building & Coding Robots for Kids, Plug-n-Play DIY Robot Builder Kits with APP Remote Control, Graphical Programming Robots for Kids to Learn Coding (Mabot A)


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Mabot A

"BELLROBOT Mabot A - Starter Kit"

The Mabot Starter Kit is one of the best AI STEAM toys that kids can use to build, customize and program robots. You can explore mechanics, construct, program and develop STEAM capabilities. Mabot integrates complex functions into high-quality ball modules, so that children can easily assemble and play them!



Modular design, easy installation

Multi-angle design allows numerous combinations

Mabot ball modules allow different construction methods

Hot-plugging feature allows easy accessibility and uninterrupted play

Development of STEAM capabilities

Entertaining app that makes learning fun

Compatible with Lego


Package includes:

  • Small Connector*6, Structual Connector*4, Wheel Plug*1, Lego Adapter A*4
  • Lego Adapter B*2, Connection Ball Accessory 001*1, USB Cable*1
  • Disassembly Tool*1, Tracking Map*1, Starter Robot Quick Guide*1, Mabot Encyclopedia*1
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