Mabot Pro Kit STEM Robotics-Mabot D

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Modular design, easy to assemble with 42 modules
Multi-angle plug for multiple forms of robots
Hot-plugging function allows easy accessibility and uninterrupted gaming
Comes with IOS and Android apps Mabot Go and Mabot IDE for playing and coding
Compatible with Lego

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Mabot D

This Mabot Pro Kit is an expandable robotic system which allows children to use modular components to create robots with endless possibilities and fun! At least 12 official robots can be built with this 42 modules' Pro Kit.

Robot kit

robot kit

Lego toy


Official Building-Orang

Multi-angle design allow numerous combinations and variations, so kids can build just about anything they can imagine.

Official Building-M Grabber

Fuel your imagination with Mabot. There is no limit to what can be made.

Compatible with Lego-Bird

Mabot`s compatibility with Lego allow kids to extend their play.

Endless imagination, Endless possibilities.

building robot

coding robot

Building robot


Exploring the techy side of the robot

Once assembled, kids can use Mabot Go , an easy-to-use app to bring the robots to life and play whatever games they want!

Program  robot with Mabot IDE

Once assembled, kids can use Mabot Go , an easy-to-use app to bring the robots to life and play whatever games they want! The Mabot IDE app, designed on Scratch, teaches and allows children to program and customise their robot.

Numerous combinations

Mabot ball modules allow kids to combine in different ways and build numerous varying creations, while Mabot Go and Mabot IDE apps inspire kids to create their own inventions with imagination.

building robot

STEM Education

 STEM Education


Make Your Magic Robot!

Endless possibilities, Endless fun!

One of the best AI STEAM toys to let kids build, customize, and program robots, exploring mechanics, engineering, coding, and developing STEAM skills.


Modular design,easy to assemble

Mabot integrates complex functions into quality ball modules, so kids can just simply plug and play!

Develop STEAM skills by playing

Cultivate hands-on ability

Encourage curiosity

Enriching and extending learning through play

Enhance creativity

Develop analytical ability


1x Control Ball
2x Battery Ball (760mAh/2A)
15x Connection Ball
4x Drive Ball
2x Color Ball
2x Touch Sensor Ball

2x Infrared Sensor Ball
4x Horizontal Joint Connection Ball
4x Swinging Joint Connection Ball
6x 3-port ball
1 x Clipper
Other Accessories
App: Mabot Go

         Mabot IDE (only compatible with tablets)


Control distance:5 meters

Control: Bluetooth 4.0+

To play: ages 2 + 

To coding:  ages 6+

Battery: 7.4V 760mAh Li-Po battery included

Material: Electronic component + ABS plastic



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